Saturday, 28 September 2013

Dreamy Hugh Jackman taken 'hostage' as he's mobbed by army of screaming female fans while promoting new movie Prisoners

Actor Hugh Jackman plays a family man in his latest crime thriller Prisoners, but his fatherly role was overshadowed by his Hollywood sex symbol status during the 61st San Sebastian Film Festival in northern Spain on Friday.
Hundreds of young fans, mostly girls, swarmed the Australian actor as they tried to get close, snapping shots and taking video prior to the Prisoners premiere.
Hugh Jackman
Rowdy crowd: Hugh indulges the crowd at Prisoner's premiere during film festival in Spain on Friday
The fans were literally hanging over his shoulders as everyone clamored to capture a photograph with the handsome actor.

Hugh took it all in stride and seemed to enjoy all of the attention from his rambunctious fans.
Dressed in a purple T-shirt, dark jeans and black blazer, Hugh looked like the hottest celebrity in Hollywood, distinguished and dapper to the delight of his adoring fans.
Fans swarm the handsome actor
Crazy for Hugh: Fans can't get enough of the handsome star as they try to reach out and grab him
Hugh signs autographs
Crowd control: The actor signs autographs, shakes hands and gets close to the crowd
The actor was more than happy to indulge the crowd.
As the distinguished gentleman that he is, Hugh didn't disappoint, stopping to sign autographs and shaking as many hands as he could grab.
Hugh played to the crowd, flashing his bold and engaging smile.
Hugh poses for the cameras
Hugh plays up the crowd
Posing for pictures: Hugh poses for the cameras giving fans a chance to snap photos and take video
Hugh looks out at the water
Enjoying the view: Hugh gestures towards the water as he takes in the beautiful view
Hugh takes in the crowd
Taking it all in: Hugh takes it all in as he welcomes the crowd with wide open arms
He finally broke away from the crowd, but continued to wave and smile to the crowd.
In Prisoners, Hugh plays the role of Keller Dover, a father whose daughter is kidnapped. He then goes on a frantic search to find her while dealing with the kidnappers.
'It's a role that required a rawness, a ferocity, and a sustained emotional intensity,' he told IGN. 'That was something I hadn't been able to sink my teeth into before.'
Hugh enjoys the attention
Attention grabber: Hugh knows how to engage the crowd as he flashes his brilliant smile
Hugh became an overnight sensation in Hollywood after he was added last minute to the cast of the first X-Men.
His role as Wolverine secured his superstar status as one of the top film actors in Hollywood.
The Wolverine came out in 2013.
The actor walks away from the crowd
Waving goodbye: Hugh give his fans a final glance as he walks away
The actor waves to the crowd
Farewell wave: Hugh gives fans final wave

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