Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Nicki Minaj Forgets $11K Dress At Her Brother's Wedding Venue

Nicki Minaj attended her brother's wedding and forgot her $11k ready-to-wear Emilio Pucci gown at the New York venue for the wedding.

According to TMZ
Butch Yamali, owner of the Coral House reception venue in Long Island where Minaj's brother got married over the weekend, tells TMZ … they found Minaj's gold dress NWT hanging in the bridal suite. 
Coral House has been trying to get the dress back to Nicki, but it hasn't been easy ... they’re afraid to hand it over to the wrong person. They say someone's already called asking for the dress, but Yamali was suspicious enough that the person wasn't from Nicki's camp so he didn't hand it over.
We're told Minaj dropped $40k on her brother's wedding ... so the dress is pretty much chump change.

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