Saturday, 7 December 2013

Agony for TV chef as she splits with fiance over move to LA: Lorraine Pascale unwilling to leave behind UK success

She's the glamorous former model turned TV chef, riding high with her own BBC show – but behind  the scenes Lorraine Pascale has been dealing with the trauma of a heartbreaking split.
Lorraine, 41, has separated from fiance Ged Doherty, a music and film executive, after turning down his offer to move to Los Angeles and settle down together.
Sources told The Mail on Sunday how the former Sony Music chairman and chief executive had been keen to move their relationship  to ‘the next level’ after four  years together and set a date  for their marriage.

Career first: Lorraine did not want to abandon her UK success and move to LA
Career first: Lorraine did not want to abandon her UK success and move to LA
But the insider adds: ‘Lorraine feels that her career has got real momentum at the moment, and didn’t want to make such a big move.

She’s settled in London  and everything is really on the up with her TV shows and books – she just couldn’t commit to a move across the Atlantic and the relationship has broken down.
‘Ged is devastated about the break-up, but Lorraine just didn’t feel the timing was right. They’re both very cut up over it.’
Lorraine, whose Christmas recipe guide appears in The Mail on Sunday’s You magazine today, met former Brit Awards boss Ged, now 55, through mutual friends at London’s Claridge’s Hotel in 2009, and since then he has had a major impact on her career and life.
The couple dated for some time before Lorraine felt comfortable enough to introduce Ged to her daughter, Ella, who was 13 when the couple met. But they quickly became serious about one another, spending most of their time together at her Chelsea flat
The well-connected media executive, who also runs a movie production company with actor Colin Firth, is said to have been instrumental in negotiating many of her deals.
Lorraine, meanwhile, supported him when he lost his job as Sony Music’s most senior UK manager in 2011, encouraging him to start up his own business.
Devastated: Ged (pictured right, with Annie Lennox and Lorraine, left) wanted marriage, claims a source
Devastated: Ged (pictured right, with Annie Lennox and Lorraine, left) wanted marriage, claims a source

The source added: ‘Lorraine’s friends thought she had really settled with Ged and it seemed like it was going to last. Obviously they got engaged, which was a huge step, but she just didn’t feel able to commit and there doesn’t seem to be any way back for them.
‘It’s very sad that it has ended like this. She hasn’t had much luck with relationships over the years.’
Her hit BBC television series – including Fast, Fresh And Easy Food and Home Cooking Made Easy – air in more than 60 countries and have resulted in several bestselling cookery books.
But despite her professional success, Lorraine has been unlucky  in love since her marriage to Polish musician Count Kaz Balinski-Jundzill ended in divorce. The pair married in 1995 and had Ella the following year, but separated in  2000. She later admitted the decision to tie the knot in her early 20s was ‘a bit of a gamble’.
Lorraine is said to have been wary of serious relationships since but was linked for a short time to Princess Diana’s property developer confidant Christopher Whalley.
And she told a biographer: ‘You don’t trust that anything will last. What I’ve done is accepted that it’s part of who I am.  I don’t try to fight it any more.’
A spokesman for Lorraine declined to comment on the break-up.

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