Saturday, 31 August 2013

Nicole Scherzinger - Nicole Scherzinger doesn't want reconcile with Lewis Hamilton

Nicole Scherzinger doesn't want to reconcile with Lewis Hamilton.

The couple called time on their five-year relationship last month after their globe-trotting careers put a strain on their romance, but despite the Formula 1 racing driver's efforts to reignite their flame, the

35-year-old singer is confident they won't be getting back together.
Speaking to The Sun newspaper, she said: ''The truth is we're no longer together. It is over. I know he's been very public about trying to get me back, but we're still not together.''
Lewis - who had plans to tie the knot with the brunette beauty - dedicated his Hungarian Grand Prix win to her two weeks ago, though he couldn't bring himself to say her name.
She explained: ''It was sweet of him. I don't like to take credit for things. I like to stay in the background but it's nice to be acknowledged and to know that someone realised the support they had. I don't know what the future holds to be honest, but as it stands we're no longer together.''
Meanwhile, the 'Poison' hitmaker is trying to generate her negative emotions into her career and focus on winning this year's 'X Factor'.
She said: ''I'm having a blast this year. I love it when I get on that stage and I'm doing stuff.''

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